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My life is a microcosm of our country. My big problems in my small world intersecting with the bigger problems in the bigger world. I shouldn’t whine; I’m worried about my little world and my big world. Me, who seldom worried about anything since worry is ineffective internal action. I’m worried for my kids. They might fall in groups that could easily be targeted someday. Maybe there is even something in me that might be targeted and blamed. So much blame, not blame on the individual level, blame on groups of people for our individual and group problems. This is like that 7th-grade teacher who blamed everyone for one person’s action. All this blame could even turn on us. This might just piss off that fence-sitter enough to go to the dark side.

Does history repeat? It can and does. Mine sure did. It caught me off guard and felt like an amputation or maybe it really was just like taking out my appendix without anesthetic. I learned from my history and knew I wasn’t making that mistake again. I just forgot that people have their own interpretations of their mistakes and can rationalize, or even worse, don’t consider them mistakes.

I’ve read articles comparing events now, especially the President’s ongoing battles with the news media, to Hitler’s Germany. Are the media all lying and pushing their own propaganda? How the heck can I ferret out the truth? Should I believe this President that it is the media reporting false facts? Yesterday I read an article about the number of lies the President has already uttered in just a few short days. They were lies about his past work. Surely he knows that every word he says is researched. Or would he say that this media article is a lie? Should I just accept what he says when it may be inaccurate or outright untrue? Wasn’t it President Roosevelt who knew the Japanese were going to attack us and didn’t act on that? Didn’t someone expose to the media that those in spy circles knew terrorists were coming at us on our soil before those 9/11 attacks? Was that shared with President Bush? Were those attacks allowed to happen to fulfill someone’s agenda? Is all this (temporary) ban on certain refugees really for our security? Or is it religious discrimination disguised as security measures?

Can we ever really be secure? I don’t think I’ll feel any safer because the President bans certain refugees (temporary, so he says) or institutes stricter vetting. Those already doing the vetting say it is strict. Who’s right? Anyway, it only takes one person to fool those vetting guidelines and destroy those feelings of security. There are enemies among us already, confirmed by those attacks that have happened. I will never feel 100% safe. It’s not possible.

I am afraid of people who live in fear. It’s not that I am not afraid. I told you I am. But I am less afraid of deadly terrorists and more afraid of the government trying to use my insecurities to isolate me from the rest of the world. Is that an agenda? People worry about losing friends by expressing differing opinions. I read more news articles now than ever before. I sift through for the true story. There are certain news outlets that are deemed reliable. Are the others that report other facts and opinions outright lying or careless journalists? One lie begins the process of questioning everything.

All this turmoil created by the election of our new President has created more involvement from the people. That’s the good thing.

Hitler’s Germany, Fascism, Civil War. Scary to think about. We live with the belief that these things can never happen again. False belief.

This president is accused of gas lighting, narcissism, and sexism. If believed, these could be signs of the abusive person. When I see him talking to reporters, I do not hear a man wanting to unite a country but one who wants to keep up a division and a man who holds grudges. He gets his zingers in when talking to media. He talks about numbers on marches to show that he has support or to downplay the importance of those marches. That is just a number, not always an accurate reflection of support. I’m a woman and missed it, but I march with those women. Those who march for pro-life? I’m not with them because I am pro-life, pro-choice. Been that forever and no one can talk me over to their side of this issue.

This is our President, and I am afraid of him. He fired a woman who disagreed with the legality of his refugee ban. He had the right to fire her. She was a temporary appointment until he gets his yes man in. At least she went out on her own terms. There may not be room in his administration for dissent. You are either with me or against me. You are either all in or all out.

The Google Doodle a couple of days ago was about Fred Korematsu. He stood up to the American government who wanted to put him in a prison camp. He fought his government to the Supreme Court and lost. He may have lost in court, but he stood against discrimination. He was an American of Japanese descent, not an enemy of the state. In recent years he spoke against the Patriot Act, not a popular sentiment. He knew what it felt like to be discriminated against because of national origin. He knew what it was like to be locked up for who you are and not what you did.


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