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Waiting for A Baby


Last night I babysat my youngest grandson when his mother went to the hospital waiting to become a new aunt. I don’t see my youngest every day as I do Caleb, so changes are more noticeable each visit. He is a climber like Caleb. He jibber jabbers with the seriousness of a real conversation between two people speaking different languages. I answered with Oh? Really? OK. He watched Caleb stand on the child-size chair and imitated him. He was gone though when Caleb began jumping from theĀ chair. They sword fought with the light sticks. Cary’s friend bought Caleb one at Christmas. Caleb loved it; then he bent it in half and cracked it. It still lit up and made noise, but I knew sooner or later it would quit. I bought three replacementsā€”red, green, blue; one for him and two for me. I love that light stick! As time wore on last night, Caleb became more possessive, whining when Parker took something of his and claiming every toy as his own. He grabbed the light stick from Parker. When both Cary and I yelled to give it back, he stood silently just staring into a space beyond me. I could see the wheels turning, as he decided what to do. He gave in to us, that time. When Caleb said mine, mine; I wondered aloud how this 2 1/2-year-old had become so possessive. Cary said, “He learned from us.” We are always telling him, “That’s mommy’s.”; “That’s grammy’s.”; “That’s not yours.” He grabs things left within reach and starts running and laughing at me as I try to get it back. That would have made me so mad with my own kids. We have to teach him to understand about personal property, to protect what’s his, and share. Those are pretty difficult concepts to learn. One time Caleb backed up pushing against Parker sitting in the chair. Parker pushed back. I expect some fights for dominance eventually. But they had a fun time. Kids love kids, at least my grandsons do. Caleb is drawn to every kid in the store. Standing in line the other day, he moved up close to a girl behind us. I pulled him back saying, “You’re in her space. Not so close.” She ignored him.


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