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I have posted my blog to social media to increase readership because I want to make it more than just my personal diary. Family responsibilities have interfered with getting a job, plus this has turned into a passion. I’ve had many passions in life, starting with family. But I also want to get a job. I have missed that fulfillment of the pay-for-work world.

I googled blogging for advice about ways to increase readers. The consensus seems to be that you must find your voice and a focus for your blog that will interest people. I’m not sure I’ve done that or if I can narrow my focus. I am eclectic even in blogging. Eclecticism could be a sign of a well-rounded personality, or it could be a sign of an unfocused, indecisive person. I prefer to believe well-rounded.

Some posts brought me more readers which could lead to organic growth if those readers continue to follow my blog, and even exponential growth if they share it. I arrived at a blog as the way to share a strong belief for anyone to read. I lived life afraid, afraid to offend, afraid to cause a fight, afraid to say something unpopular, afraid to be disliked, afraid to appear stupid. I kept silent to keep the peace, but it made me feel dishonest and unhappy; and it did not bring me peace.

What’s my theme? Everyone has stories to tell if they decide to tell them. It was only a short time ago that I would never have shared these personal things except with friends. But I have experienced things in the last couple years that have made me reflect on things I have done or not done and what I believe. I am stronger because of those things. That sounds clichéd, but it’s true. I could have felt fear or shame, but I felt that I was supposed to do something with it.

My blog focuses on this:

  • I believe my son was wrongly convicted, i.e. there are many others like him. What is that like for them, for their families, for their children? What are people doing about the wrongfully convicted? Just two days ago, @innocence tweeted that innocent people take plea agreements. In Jacob’s case, the family of the accuser went to the District Attorney asking that office to offer Jacob a plea. Jacob refused to ever consider a plea. But who can blame people for trying to save themselves or some part of their life by taking a plea? But doing so gives that office and those who accuse an affirmation of their righteousness. It allows people to say see, see? That person must be guilty if he/she is willing to take a plea. Not so!
  • Grandchildren are the joy without all the baggage connected to raising your own children.
  • Addiction is a lifelong struggle for the addict and all who love an addict.
  • There are interesting things all around you. I listen and observe finding random things to write about.
  • Relationships are difficult and require work.
  • I like to try writing a poem or short piece of fiction occasionally.


@innocence. “Even if you’re innocent, sometimes pleading guilty is your best option: .” Twitter, 18 Jan. 2017, 8:32 p.m.


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