The Uphill Slide

There is always something.



On Christmas Day my son asked me what I got Boots. “I gave her the gift of life,” I said. “Anyway, she is your dog now.”

He said, “She is still your dog.”

“Maybe if I died and never came back, she would be your dog then,” I replied.

He recounted a heartbreaking episode of Futurama called “Jurassic Bark” then to make his point. “She will still wait for you,” he said.

I think he may be right. She jumps on me as soon as I arrive at his house. She gets up in my face and wriggles into my lap. She looks mournful when I leave. She is loyal to me. I didn’t choose her. My husband brought this hunting dog home from one of his trips out West. But she chose me.


“Jurassic Bark.” Futurama: Season 4 Episode 7,¬†written by Eric Kaplan, directed by Swinton O. Scott III, Curiosity Company, 2002.

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