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I love thrift shopping whether the stores call themselves thrift, reuse, resale, new-to-you, gently-used, repurposed, vintage, retro, consignment or some other cute moniker to show that they are not selling new items. After visiting a few, I always find favorites where I can usually find something. Over time the store changes or I do, so I begin checking out new places. I had a favorite in the North Hills for years when I used to shop that area. Then I started coming to Pittsburgh and found the Red, White & Blue Thrift Store ( They seemed to have a great selection of clothes, and I always found books to donate to Book ‘ Em ( Lots of these stores are run by charitable organizations which gives you the feeling your purchase is doing more than profiting a corporation. Still, you never know how much money is raised by these stores for their charity. Some such as the Red, White & Blue Thrift Stores are for profit and seem to have a better selection.

I have imprinted the love of thrift store shopping in my daughter too. It is a favorite place for us to go together. She always finds lots of things and holds them up for my ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. I am the more discriminating shopper looking for the best quality with the best price. I usually insist also that they are the color-of-day sale item or that they will qualify for a senior citizen discount.

Today Cary and I took a quick trip to the Red, White & Blue on Sawmill Boulevard. I needed a shower curtain at home since I borrowed the one there to use in the apartment. No one except my grandson ever used that tub/shower combo in our 2nd bathroom, but it still needs a curtain to complete the decor. I was looking for something flowery or the design of exotic seascapes. No luck today, but sooner or later the right one will appear. Then I cruised the picture and frame aisle looking for some inexpensive (cheap) frames for collages. A few years ago I went to a spartan decor at home and removed a lot of the wall decor. Now I am ready to hang those photos again.

Finally to the bookshelves. Someone recommended that Cary read The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren. “I promise we will find it at the thrift store,” I said. And we did.

Warren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Life:  What on Earth Am I Here For?. Zondervan, 2002.

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