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I have been on Facebook for years now but in the past year investigated Twitter (a challenging move from verbosity to terseness without losing meaning), Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook has been limited in audience for what I wanted to share. Most people do not join Facebook to read a story, unless it is a short one. And I had stories I wanted to share which brought me inevitably to a greater dedication to this blog. I also wanted to share my eclectic photos on a public-sharing forum like Instagram or Tumblr.

A Facebook Incident

Social media has issues with dishonesty, security, and hacking; but I worried more about Facebook, whether reasonably or unreasonably. I felt unable to foresee (though I should have) every possibility for trouble. Last October someone using a fake profile (There was nothing on the profile except a like of Giant Eagle [clue?]) titled Deena Yockey used a photo  of my children and grandchild downloaded from my public Facebook posting. The posting was public, because it was not just for friends. This fake person then used my photo to post on a business Facebook page. The person wrote beneath the photo of my children and grandchild ‘this man is being sentenced for child abuse’ or close to those words. The page moderator for that business page removed the posting, changed the page settings to approve posts, and emailed me. Why did this poster hide beneath a false persona? Why choose this business for the post? Perhaps this business because in reference letters written to the judge on behalf of Jacob was one from a person in this business. The words written in the post were not libel. So why choose falsehood? Was it the stolen photo? Was it seeming vindictiveness towards the business and writer of that reference letter? Was it the inclusion of two people charged with nothing who could easily have been cropped out of the photo? Or was it simply the perverse reasons of someone who used a cloak of invention to hide the type of person they were? This incident made me leave Facebook for a couple of weeks then return with new privacy settings; still I questioned better ways to share the things I wanted to share.

A Friend Request

I had finally decided a couple of weeks ago that Facebook was not right for me now, so I deactivated the account. At least I thought I deactivated the account until a friend notified me that I was still active. I had just signed out. So today I signed back in and noticed a friend request from someone I thought I did not know (and later realized I did). I brought up the profile and saw Pittsburgh as hometown. Did we have mutual friends? No. Then I looked at photos, and there was my ex-daughter-in-law. Of course, I was immediately suspicious and curious. Was this person reaching out to me because there was information to share as another person once had? Or was ‘Friend Request’ just a misnomer? Was this person to be the backdoor access to the private part of my Facebook postings, the link to friends of friends, or a link to Jacob through me? My Facebook blog page was public, and this blog is public. My shares were public. What else could someone want? Family photos? Of children? Of grandchildren? Of friends? Of what I did on my summer vacation? No matter, I deactivated the account, save Messenger. Even that may go as there are other ways to reach out.


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