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Today was momentous; I filed the application for my Medicare. I could not put it off any longer; the anniversary of my birth 65 years ago is impending. I have no health insurance and will be penalized for failing to follow the rules for enrollment. It would be improvident for me to disobey the rules. When I told a friend I did not have any insurance and have not had any for months, she insisted I must get insurance. “What if?” she said. “What if what?” I replied.

It was two weeks ago that the judge signed the Early Release Motion. It was exactly a week later when the court filed a corrected order. Today, exactly one week later; I received a copy of that order in the mail. There in one long sentence punctuated with capitalizations, commas, hyphens, and colons on that Order of Court were the words “…DENIED as improvidently granted”.

Definitions and Explanations

I had to google the word ‘improvidently’ for its meaning in this sentence and the explanation held within those words. I understood the word provident but needed the experts’ definitions of improvident. I found definitions but not explanation; it was not forthcoming. In fact, the words in this order were not the same words uttered by the court clerk to me on the phone last week.

The clerk said Jacob had been paroled on only one charge. She said a corrected order had just been sent to the jail. Was that right or was that wrong? Did I misstate her words or write them down incorrectly? Was she just misstating or misinterpreting the words in the order? Or is what she said an unwritten part of the order? Is this like the time when one of the police detectives who interrogated Jacob in September 2014 was called to the stand in July 2015 to testify about his written account of the interrogation regarding ‘pink belly’ because Jacob’s memory and testimony of what he had said differed from the written account of this man? Do you think I would be considered a liar because my memory of what I was told on the phone did not exactly match the words on this order? I speculate that I would not fare well either against the County of Allegheny or the State of Pennsylvania.

These are the links to online definitions:

These words ‘improvidently granted’ can also be found in motions of appeals courts who decide not to consider an appeal and then issue a DIG i.e. “dismissed as improvidently granted”. There are some interesting articles and blog posts about these.


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