The Uphill Slide

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Someone suggested to me that I should write a blog after my recent postings on Facebook. I had actually been thinking about it in the last year, but I just never took that step. Today I take the plunge, yet I have no idea what I am doing. I have set up a web host and an account on Word Press, but the person I might ask technical questions is not here to answer them. I will tell you why he is not here in another post. I have not designed my blog to look attractive, inviting you in; in fact, I have done nothing to design it. That will come as I go. I decided to just jump in without first reading the directions. I will fix it later. Expect changes.

I chose the name The Uphill Slide because my life feels out of control. On a slide you feel out of control, carried down by a momentum. I feel out of control now too, but it feels like being pulled up. Maybe slide is not the right word, but it is the one I chose. Each day is a struggle as I am dragged up that hill to places I do not want to go. Still, I think if I reach the top; I may have won a battle.

I am 64 years old. The blurb about my blog is “the trials of 64-year-old woman’s journey onward”.  How do you summarize what your blog is about in one short phrase? My struggle is no greater than many other people’s struggles nor as great as others. I do not pretend it is better or worse than anyone else’s. It simply is mine, and I decided to write about it.

In 2010 I lost my job when the company I worked for closed. Good and bad. The bad was that I was 59. The good was that the workers qualified for Trade Act Assistance, so I decided to return to school to get my bachelor’s degree despite my “advancing years”. I enrolled at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and loved it. I was most times the oldest student in my classes and older than most of my professors.  I was not bothered by that nor did I feel out-of-place. I felt like I was stretching my brain by learning new things and believe this is the way to stay young. I began to feel different about life as if the world had expanded.

I finished in 2013 with my degree and applied a couple of places but eventually stopped looking. The summer after graduation my husband and I took a 7-week vacation through the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver Island, and the Pacific Northwest. Finally we headed back to Pennsylvania, but if only I could live on the road. I have always wanted to see the world, but my husband and I differ on what we want to see. He likes the great outdoors and avoids cities. I love them both. He has no desire to go to many of the places I want to go. He tells me to find someone and just go, but how do you find the perfect traveling companion?

I had exercised before this trip and felt fit. I found out differently when we climbed Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and again when we climbed a trail on Mt. Rainier in Washington. I began to exercise more in earnest when I returned home and managed to lose about 60 lbs. of which I have gained a little back, though I still keep active. I have always taken photos but not seriously, just mementos of trips. Now I have begun to take photos passionately. I view everything around me in new ways as if my eyes are also a camera.

My blog will be about travels, sightseeing near and far, and my family’s struggles with my son’s current incarceration and our dealings with police, courts, and jails. I will start from the beginning on that subject on my next post, although I have shared much of this publicly on Facebook.


  1. You write very well with both expression and cognition. I will look forward to reading about your experiences and adventures.

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